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Columbia & Snake River Cruise
August 8 - 16, 2025

August 8-16, 2025

9 Days/8 Nights | 8 Ports of Call

Clarkston, WA to Portland, OR


Presented by American Cruise Lines with special group pricing from Blue Skies Travel 

Fully escorted by Margo McDonough

Sail with American Cruise Lines on the Columbia and Snake rivers as we follow the footsteps of the epic Lewis and Clark Expedition. You will be amazed by the beautiful and ever-changing landscapes, including the Columbia River Gorge, Hells Canyon, Multnomah Falls, and Mount St. Helens. 


We'll sail on the gleaming American Harmony, which features spacious staterooms with private balconies, expansive lounges with large glass windows, and a five-story atrium with a domed skylight, which serves as the central gathering point for the entire ship.  

Call: 302-893-4571
or email: 

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Optional Pre-Cruise: Clarkston, WA 


Arrive in Clarkston and start your adventure early with our Hells Canyon Pre-Cruise Package. This exclusive package offers a 2-night hotel stay, complete with breakfast to start each day. Spend a half day in the breathtaking Hells Canyon, known as the deepest canyon in North America. As you venture deeper into the canyon, marvel at the towering cliffs that rise dramatically on either side, showcasing a palette of earthy reds, browns, and greens. The river's powerful waters carve through the ancient rock, creating a spectacular display of nature's force and beauty.

Pre-Cruise Packages must be reserved at least 30 days before your cruise date. Please call Margo at 302-893-4571 for pricing and availability.

One night hotel stay included!

Even if you don't opt to enjoy the pre-cruise package, each Columbia and Snake Rivers itinerary comes with a hotel stay, providing you with a seamless way to board the ship and explore the local area. 

On the morning of the cruise, we will meet in the hotel lobby after breakfast and American Cruise Lines will transport us to the ship to begin our cruise. All luggage will be brought directly from the hotel and placed in your stateroom aboard the ship.

hells canyon.jpeg

Day 1: Clarkston, WA


Embark on an electrifying journey to Portland as we sail along the legendary Snake River. Spot the untamed wilderness and rugged canyon hillsides as they come to the forefront in a mesmerizing tapestry of ever-changing vistas. Keep your eyes peeled for the majestic inhabitants of this pristine landscape – from the graceful white pelicans to the playful river otter.

Clarkston, cradled within a picturesque valley embraced by towering hillsides, awaits at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers. Named in honor of William Clark from the renowned Lewis and Clark Expedition, this historic town traces its lineage back to the resilient Nez Perce tribe, the original stewards of this fertile land.

day 1.jpeg

Day 2: Cruising the Snake River


As you glide along its winding course, you'll be greeted by breathtaking vistas of towering cliffs, emerald forests, and rolling hillsides. Be sure to notice the bald eagles soaring overhead and ospreys diving into the water in search of fish.

Excursions & Entertainment

  • Hells Canyon Flightseeing Adventure

    • This is a Signature shore excursion and should be reserved in advance. 

day 2.jpeg

Day 3: Pendleton, OR / Richland, WA


Richland stands boldly at the intersection of the Yakima and Columbia rivers, inviting exploration and discovery. Our ship docks mere steps from the serene waterfront, where trails wind alongside charming shops and local wineries beckon with their unique flavors.

Guided excursions promise a journey through time and landscape. At the REACH Museum, uncover the rich tapestry of Eastern Washington's history, from the ancient Ice Age to the modern Atomic Age. Sacajawea State Park offers a glimpse into the past, where the Corps of Discovery—led by Lewis and Clark—once camped amidst a thriving Native American community in October 1805, against the backdrop of the majestic Columbia and Snake River confluence.

A full-day adventure to Pendleton, Oregon unveils the essence of the Wild West, with its rich blend of western heritage and Native American culture. Explore the intricate network of underground tunnels, witnesses to a century of legal trade and clandestine activities alike.

Excursions & Entertainment

  • The REACH Museum

    • Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes

  • The Pendleton Experience

  • Sacajawea Interpretive Center- Complimentary

    • Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes

day 3.jpeg
reach museum.jpeg

Day 4: Cruising the Columbia River Gorge


Get ready to seize the day on your private balcony or up on the sun deck as you drink in the views of the Columbia River Gorge.  The dynamic landscape is truly a wonder!

But that's just the beginning, as the ship sails along, get ready for a range of exhilarating activities. Engage in destination-focused enrichment programs featuring guest speakers and experts. Enjoy art classes, cooking demonstrations, mixology magic, and more!

day 4.jpeg

Day 5: The Dalles, OR


Welcome to The Dalles, the final frontier of the iconic Oregon Trail! With Mount Hood and Mount Adams as your stunning backdrop, each reaching over 11,000 feet, this stop possesses all the natural beauty for which the Pacific Northwest is known. Opt for excursions such as a visit to Multnomah Falls, the largest waterfall in the state of Oregon. Or enjoy a guided gorge kayak tour and be on the look-out for the eagles, herons, osprey, and otters that call this river home. 

You also can participate in expert-led wine tastings and sample the finest wines from the fertile Columbia Valley.

Excursions & Entertainment

  • Bonneville Dam

    • Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes

  • Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center - Complimentary

    • Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes

  • Multnomah Falls - Complimentary

    • Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessible: Yes

  • Guided Gorge Kayak Excursion

    • Activity Level: High | ADA Accessible: No

day 5.jpeg

Day 6: Kalama, WA


Our brand-new private dock in Kalama, Washington allows you to go where most cruises can’t. Take in the stunning Cascade Mountains as you drive to view the remnants of nearby Mount St. Helens.

Guided by a knowledgeable local, delve into the gripping tale of the volcano's cataclysmic eruption in 1980 and its profound impact on both the environment and the lives of those in the surrounding area.

Explore a charming family vineyard nearby for an afternoon of wine tasting, where you can savor the finest local varietals amidst stunning vineyard landscapes.

Excursions & Entertainment

  • Mount St. Helens Experience - Complimentary

    • Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessible: Yes

  • Port of Kalama Interpretive Center- Complimentary

    • Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes

day 6.jpeg

Day 7: Astoria, OR


As the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies, this port is adorned with charming Victorian homes that cascade down the hillside, this town has earned the lively nickname of “The Little San Francisco.”

Immerse yourself in history with a guided tour of the National Park Service replica of Fort Clatsop, the winter camp where Lewis and Clark hunkered down during their legendary expedition. Wander through the town's charming shops, galleries, wineries, and brew pubs, or lose yourself in the captivating exhibits of the nearby Columbia River Maritime Museum.

Excursions & Entertainment

  • Astoria Local Loop Shuttle - Complimentary

    • Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes

  • Cape Disappointment State Park

    • Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes

  • Columbia River Maritime Museum - Complimentary

    • Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes

  • Fort Clatsop Experience

    • Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes

  • Astoria Walking Exploration

    • ​Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessible: Yes

day 7.jpeg

Day 8: Day of Cruising


Along the riverbanks, you may spot deer grazing or river otters frolicking in the shallows. As you pass through locks and dams, experience the engineering feats that tame this mighty river. Don't forget to look out for historical landmarks and points of interest, such as the towering Mount Hood and the striking Bonneville Dam.

day 8.jpeg

Day 9: Portland, OR


Enjoy a final breakfast on board before you say goodbye. 


Why not stay an extra night or two to immerse yourself in the spirit of this vibrant city? Ask Margo for recommendations on area hotels, attractions, and more.

day 9.jpeg


Price starting at :

Single Occupancy with Private Balcony:

$7,935 per person - $600 = $7,335* per person 

Double Occupancy Staterooms with Private Balconies:

$6,255 per person - $300.00 = $5,955* per person ON DECK 1, Category AAR                   

$6,635 per person - $300.00 = $6,335* per person ON DECK 2, Category AAL                    

$6,885 per person - $300.00 = $6,585* per person ON DECK 3, Category AAC                   

$7,360 per person - $300.00 = $7,060* per person ON DECK 4, Category AAM                  

$8,635 per person - $300.00 = $8,335* per person ON DECK 5, Veranda Suite

$9,735 per person - $300.00 = $9,435* per person ON DECK 3, Owner's Suite                     


*Our special negotiated group rate represents the very best prices for this sailing. The first number represents the price if you weren't in our group.

Travel Protection: Protect your vacation. Ask about American Cruise Lines' Cancel for Any Reason plan.​

A deposit of $500 per person is due upon reservation. Space is limited and reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Final payment will be May 1, 2025. 

Ask about American Cruise Line's flat $495 roundtrip economy airfare!  

Rates, availability and all terms and conditions subject to change until booking is confirmed.

Don't miss out; contact Margo McDonough​ at Blue Skies Travel Center today.

302-893-4571 or

Your Host

About Your Group Trip Coordinator 

Margo McDonough started Blue Skies Travel Center in 2016, after earlier stints in the travel industry for such companies as J.P. Morgan Chase.  She has planned and escorted many trips for area travelers, including a Paris to Normandy river cruise, facilitated by special guest expert Professor Ray Callahan, a winter getaway to the Tournament of Roses Parade, a weeklong trip to the Islands of New England, and a Tulip Time river cruise in The Netherlands.

McDonough is a member of the American Society of Travel Advisors, is fully insured, and is supported by host agency Uniglobe Travel Center and Virtuoso, a luxury travel consortium.  

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